Monday, December 5, 2011

Guess who?

Hello hello,

So here's the deal. Guess (correctly of course) the names of the people whom I have attempted to draw caricatures of. If you guess 5 out of 7 correctly then you're the winner yaaay! However, not quite. Mwahaha, if more than one person gets 5/7 correct, then it's random selection time. The prize? An attempt (underline attempt three times) at your caricature by moi!

Comment your answer below here or on my fb.

Get busy.

P.S. I know I've shown this cartoon a couple of years ago to some people. They are hereby disqualified from the game because I know who you are :P

Peace and love,


  1. 1. Godfather
    3. Gyanendra
    4. Mick Jagger?
    5. Hendrix?
    6. Condaliza Rice

  2. @lapsicompany: good work!!! and thanks for participating :)

    But, the winner is Mr. ABHISHEK SHRESTHA

    The answers:
    (1) Marlon Brando (2) Ronaldinho (3) Gyanendra (4) Tony Blair (5) Bruce Lee (6) Condoleeza Rice (7) Princess D.

  3. oh dear me. why do all of them look so sour?