Monday, May 21, 2012

A grave note.

Dear friends and fellow countrymen,

We are a nation of 4 castes and 36 ethnicity. There are 100+ full fledged languages - by languages I mean languages, not dialects - in our country. We are poor, our government is corrupted but we are nice people. We have always been known for that. However, that does not mean we should settle with the injustices inflicted on us just so that we can keep Nepal preserved in a peaceful, "nice" state. No, on occasion we have been known to rise up and voice our opinions. We have made revolutions. But, we have done this together, until now. When people took to the streets to demand democracy in 1990 and overthrow monarchy in 2006, we were all angry Nepali people protesting for a common cause. Today we are fighting against each other, trying to declare separate states for each ethnicity. We used to be an example of how harmoniously so much diversity could exist in such a small space. We still can be. Nepal, don't commit suicide!

Love and lots and lots of hope.

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