Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stop MUNCH-ing around!

Good day! (Ha, who says that?)

A lot of things irk me. In particular, the over-use of words bother me in great detail. These days, for some strange reason, people have popularized certain words to express their appreciation of or to applaud another. It is true that praising people/ showing appreciation for anybody's hard work and talent is obviously a good thing (thumbs up) but it is ALSO TRUE, that such a thing as a thesaurus exists. Where a simple (provided that it's genuine) - "Your work is good" would suffice, the trend is to resort to pop culture clichés

Anyway, today is a vent kinda day. :) 


The drawing on fourth frame (above) is based on Edvard Munch's painting - "The Scream"/ "Skrik", pictured here:

Since I've already made a reference to Matisse's work in a previous post - I decided to use Munch's work this time because it was relevant and also put in the mushroom cloud. After having uploaded the images on my laptop, however, I came across an image, while searching for images of mushroom clouds on the net, that was similar to my tribute. First of all, I want to say that two different people thought of the same thing - great minds, how cool is that? Second, I don't mean any offense to the person who already uploaded their version online first.

"Credit should be given, where credit is due":

For anyone interested, the font used for "mind-blasting" is called 'Blasta'. I love it. Whoever created it, "Your work is good." ;)

Never Ending Peace And Love

P.S. Please excuse the shoddy photoshop job, my skills lie on the pen and paper.

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