Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strange Customs


My name is Prerana Pakhrin, and I flew to the United States this week in the worst possible time to fly into the United States. So, first off, hope everyone's well and happy and that they were not affected by any natural disasters or had a really really really sucky four-day-long-air-travelling-experience (vein throbbing).

Moving on, it is my sad duty to announce that due to the Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast, chiyabiskut cartoons have been delayed. So, for this post, you will have to make do with a cartoon I did a couple of years ago and for those who've already seen it, suck it up - I've been through worse this week :P

On that note, I love you all and hope that (being all serious), you are safe and happy as are your families.


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